I’m not the type who likes to talk to people online, it feels impersonal and detached. However, when the pandemic hit, everything changed. I was forced inside the four walls of my apartment, desperate for contact and so I decided to set up my profile on this app. I honestly never thought I’d write this but if I could go back in time, I’d do it all over again. I’ve made some very lovely friends on this app and we’re even planning to meet up now that the cases are coming down

Erica Jensen

I love how this app lets you connect with people while keeping everything about you safe and secure. I’ve never really been the type to trust online platforms but this app certainly deserves it. I feel super safe and comfortable talking to people here!

Alicia Nelson

Found my boyfriend on here, he’s the most honest and reliable man I’ve ever had in my life. I’d like to think that our story was written in the stars but it was all thanks to this app. Had it not been for that one fateful night, I wouldn’t be half as happy as I am today

Sonya Patel

It’s not every day that you find such a great app to meet new people. I love dating but that’s not so easy in the pandemic! Downloaded Casablanca a week ago and I’ve already found a girl who I can’t stop talking to.

Eric Samuel

I had been trying to find a work-from-home job for the past few months and landed an amazing opportunity through Casablanca Dream. As someone who likes to go to the office in person, I’m surprised to admit that I prefer remote work now and that’s only because my boss is such great support

Anna Freeman

Casablanca Dream truly is an awesome platform for women and men alike. The filtering features are great because I can talk to people who go to my college or live near it. I use the app every night before going to sleep and have some pretty amazing conversations with people here.

Georgia Gilbert

I didn’t really know what to expect from this app considering that there’s a new one popping up every other day now. To my pleasant surprise, however, Casablanca Dream is a breath of fresh air. It makes sure that the user’s safety and concerns are catered to. I say this because I struck up a conversation with a lad who was being inappropriate, reported his profile and he was banned the next day. 100% recommended to women who refrain from giving online dating a try due to online troll.

Samantha Lovelock

If you’re bored, feeling blue, or simply want to try something new, I’d say give Casablanca Dream a try. It’s a great platform with some of the best people I’ve ever known

Shilpa Townsend

Just a few months ago, I was at the lowest point in my life. I’d just left home after graduation, and some things happened in college that made me want to harm myself. Fortunately, it never came to that because I made a lovely friend on this app. As unbelievable as it sounds, she goes to the same college but we’d never met each other in person before. So, here’s to my best friend and my partner in crime. I hope you can find somebody who takes you out of the dark and shows you why it’s worth living.

Jessica Anne

This app is the most woman-friendly I’ve ever come across. It helps me connect with all sorts of people without being afraid of something bad happening. I recommended Casablanca Dream to my friend and she’s totally hooked as well.

Hannah Brighton

Great place to make friends when you have to social distance at home. I reconnected with an old pal from high school recently and now we’re planning a reunion! Who would have thought that? Certainly glad I signed up for this app.

Harrison Geller

I’ve met some pretty decent guys on here. Although I’m still looking for the right one, the men I’ve interacted with have been extremely nice and courteous. That’s not something I can say for other apps.

Serena Wilson

One of the best online platforms without the frustrating rigidity of others. I haven’t really tried dating through Casablanca Dream but did find some really great people here.

Jackson M

My friends and I set up our profiles recently and the experience has been great. As a single woman in Dallas, I’m eager to find someone to share the rest of my life with and it seems that this app might be my ticket to love.

Veronica Newman