A Message From The CEO

Patricia CEO

Hey Dreamers,

I’m Patricia, an ambitious woman with a firm belief in the power of people and the proud CEO of Casablanca Dreams. Thank you for choosing us and I would officially like to welcome you on board. This company is eager to have someone so talented be a part of our close-knit family. As the founder and visionary behind this app, I guarantee top-notch customer service and online solutions that are bound to impress the public.


We’re currently on the lookout for new members for our global advisory board. At Casablanca Dreams, diversity is celebrated in every shape and form. This belief is the basis of our moral foundation and we welcome unique people with open arms. We want people from different backgrounds to help us bring better experiences to the customer and take the company forward into bigger realms of success.


Back in 2017, Casablanca Dreams was established with a goal to bring something different to the table, something that challenged the status quo. Verily, we are passionate about bringing men and women together from around the globe no matter how large the geographical distances may be. As a woman in power myself, I know that there is a glaring disparity in the way society treats both genders. As kind and loving as women are, they are often left unprotected and hurt by people who they choose to trust. This has become rather prevalent in the online realm and that’s something I’ve always been eager to counter. Thus, the app was created to help women across the world share their experiences without feeling unsafe and threatened. Even today, we strive to be the kind of social platform where women don’t feel the need to suppress their voices. Needless to say, Casablanca Dreams is a user-friendly app where every woman is respected and cherished.



However, we’re not just a run-of-the-mill dating app for people who seek a romantic partner within or beyond the border. We’re wholly female-centric from the get-go and thus, a safe haven where men are encouraged to show kindness, patience, understanding, empathy, and compassion.


Casablanca Dreams values all sorts of relationships between different genders. Our goal is to help the people get out there and build bonds they’ve always dreamed about. We enable unforgettable experiences for all by giving them a platform to interact, arrange secure meetings, and take a well-deserved break to unwind.


Being the CEO behind a business idea that strives to put a smile on people’s faces, I know that the road ahead is filled with greater possibilities. That’s exactly why we, as a company, would like to have you on the journey with us, supporting us in our mission to make a positive impact on the world and creating a brighter future for everyone involved.


Over the past few years, this company has been able to overcome a plethora of complicated challenges. Nonetheless, our unwavering commitment and strong value system have gotten the whole team through it all. Today, it seems that everything is stuck. Civilization continues to bear the brunt of a pandemic claiming innocent lives every day, a looming climate crisis jeopardizing the future of the new generation, the ever-growing burden of racial inequity as well as the mass violation of international women’s rights.