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Made with an emphasis on women

Every woman deserves a voice and the chance to go after what she wants in life, no matter the stereotypes and ridiculous gender roles. At Casablanca Dreams, women are celebrated for their brilliance, diversity, and kindness. We’re a platform lead by a woman where people feel safe coming together and embarking on new journeys, be it romantic, professional, or platonic.

Are you looking for the right person but haven’t had any luck? Going out to meet people isn’t that easy and certainly nothing like they show in the movies. At Casablanca Dreams, we make dating easy, fun, and meaningful. There’s a world of amazing people out there. While some share your interests, others don’t and it can be a little daunting to open up to someone. However, love shouldn’t have to be complicated. When you sign up for our app, it never is.

We bring kindred spirits together

Where the sparks fly

Feeling that surge of emotion when you talk to someone, longing for their company, and looking forward to hearing from them are all signs of love. It’s as simple as that! We’re your one-stop-shop for meeting new people and starting unforgettable conservations.

Casablanca Dreams has paved the way for many beautiful love stories but that’s doesn’t mean we’re all about dating. We encourage wholesome friendships and enable you to make the most of online networking through our platform. So, don’t be shy! Be who you are, talk to people confidently and represent what you stand for.

More than just a dating platform

Regain your confidence behind the screen

Are you an introvert who has trouble opening up to new people? We understand! That’s why you can break out of your shell behind the screen through Casablanca Dream. We flaunt a community of amazing people who welcome diversity, appreciate the differences, and embrace all kinds of personalities.

Tired of online dating and networking platforms filled with hate and dissent? That’s never a problem at Casablanca Dream! We have zero-tolerance policies about any hate and prejudice on the platform. Rest assured, we strive to be a safe haven for all sorts of people and make sure you always have someone to turn to.

All love, no hate

Build relationships that speak volumes

Are you looking for a partner to take home for thanksgiving or a friend to be with you through the good times? Whatever it is, we make it possible for people to build meaningful bonds online. Through easy communication, you can find those who share the same values as you. After all, life’s boring without a companion and with Casablanca Dream, you’re never alone.

About Us

Who We Are

Casablanca Dreams is a user-friendly dating and social media platform with a myriad of digital functionalities that make it easy for people to find love. As a woman-run company, we’re well aware of the social inequity causing a divide between the people. With the overwhelming onslaught of everyday challenges, it can be easy to forget that there’s more to life than just the hustle. Needless to say, we’re believers in romance, friendship, and great company which is why our platform is your one-way ticket to finding the right person. Moreover, we also host an integrative marketplace where you can buy amazing products including little tokens of affection for your significant other.

What We Do

Casablanca Dreams makes it easy for women and men to explore holistic opportunities for love, respect, and friendship that come without an ulterior motive. Our platform is a safe space for kindred spirits to speak their mind free from the fear of judgment or rebuke. To top it off, we’re fully global. Our company is based on the values of love, diversity, and acceptance which is why we never discriminate. So, it doesn’t matter where you are, how you look, or what your roots are, you’re always welcome at our platform.

Why Choose Us

Unlike other companies, we never hesitate to prove why we’re the best. Casablanca Dreams is the vision of a woman who strives to turn the world into a place where there’s less sorrow, more love, and wider smiles. To do that, we’ve created a platform for people to share their experiences, interact with those who value them, and make the most of online dating. Rest assured, our app is loaded with the best safety features to promise a great user experience. We help you navigate the online realm by empowering you to immerse yourself in the best parts of life.

Thinking of you keeps me awake. Dreaming of you keeps me asleep. Being with you keeps me alive



This app is the most woman-friendly I’ve ever come across. It helps me connect with all sorts of people without being afraid of something bad happening. I recommended Casablanca Dream to my friend and she's totally hooked as well
Hannah Brighton
It’s not every day that you find such a great app to meet new people. I love dating but that’s not so easy in the pandemic! Downloaded Casablanca a week ago and I’ve already found a girl who I can’t stop talking to.
Eric Samuel
Amazing app and incredibly user-friendly interface. I run a tech start-up in Texas and wanted talented individuals for my marketing department. Never thought I’d find an employee through a dating app but Casablanca Dream truly surprised me. Sam and I connected online for a normal chat when I told him about my business one day, not even thinking it would turn into a recruitment opportunity. He’s been a great team sport so far and that’s exactly why I’m here writing this review.
George Fallen
I had been trying to find a work-from-home job for the past few months and landed an amazing opportunity through Casablanca Dream. As someone who likes to go to the office in person, I’m surprised to admit that I prefer remote work now and that’s only because my boss is such great support.
Anna Freeman
I came out of a nasty relationship last year, eager to move on and find somebody who would actually commit. I’ll be honest, things seemed pretty grim but my friend encouraged me to get out there despite my shattered faith in love. I’m so glad I was courageous enough to make an account on Casablanca Dream and find the love of my life. Andrew and I met 7 months ago and instantly connected over our shared passion for traveling and reading books. Yesterday, I got engaged and today, I’m writing this review because I wouldn’t be at such a wonderful place in my life without this app.
Erica Jensen
Casablanca Dream is the best dating app I’ve ever used and would highly recommend it to everyone. If you’re looking for a user-friendly platform that hasn’t been swarmed by catfishing profiles, don’t hesitate to install this app. I’m an extremely shy individual which is partly the reason why I’ve always had trouble connecting with people. But this platform allowed me to be myself unapologetically and I ultimately found my wife.
Fred Smith